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MedBeauty Online

Website Development

Med Beauty Online is a leading aesthetic medical supplier in Europe, distinguishing itself as a trusted source in the industry. The company offers a broad spectrum of products, including dermal fillers, mesotherapy, and cosmetics, all of which are meticulously chosen to meet the highest standards of quality and effectiveness. With the aesthetic medical sector experiencing rapid growth due to technological advancements and a heightened focus on personal well-being, Med Beauty Online caters to the increasing demand by providing top-tier products and services. Their commitment extends to ensuring customer satisfaction with features like free shipping, 24/7 online support, secure payments, and a money-back guarantee.

This is one of our successful clients in the e-commerce space. The design requirement was simple and very easy to navigate because the time of our clients is very precious. As Medical Professionals we had them in mind from the design concept, to the navigation and user experience.

Project Summary:

Design a comprehensive e-commerce platform tailored for aesthetic medical supplies. The website showcases a diverse range of products, including body sculpting items, cosmetics, dermal fillers, skincare, and thread lifts. Each product listing provides detailed descriptions, tiered prices, and the option to add to cart for purchase.

Client Details

Guernsey United Kingdom

Service Provided

Web Hosting, Website Maintenance

Project Timeline

5 Days planning, and 1 month for completion